Ryo Sekiguchi

Ryo Sekiguchi is a communication professional with 11 years of experience at the United Nations and a top global communication business. In his current role as Associate Programme Management Officer at the Civil Society Unit in the UN Department of Global Communications, Ryo plans and implements communication strategies to engage civil society stakeholders globally. He initiated digital campaigns to feature 150 stories of CSOs on COVID-19 response, climate, gender equality and other UN priorities, which transformed the way UN engages with multi-stakeholders through online platforms. Before joining the UN, Ryo worked at Dentsu Inc., the top fifth global communication firm, leading international and national communication campaigns and developing a thousand of multimedia contents for major businesses and governmental clients. Ryo holds a Master’s degree in development studies from the University of Cambridge and professional certificates of public relations and digital marketing/analytics. Ryo lives in Queens, New York with his wife and one and a half year old daughter, from whom he always gets inspired.