Michela Berta

Michela is working with the Peace and Security team at the United Nations System Staff College focusing on the Women, Peace and Security and Youth, Peace and Security agendas. 

Michela is a young professional with diverse experiences from the peacebuilding sector. Prior to joining UNSSC, Michela worked for the Youth Cooperation Programme at the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe and organized the 20th edition of the University on Youth & Development (UYD), focused on “Youth & Justice”. Michela's experiences also an internship with the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations, where she worked at HQ for the UNGA Third Commitee, following especially the 56th Commission for Social Development, 62nd Commission on the Status of Women and agenda items on R2P, Youth, Peace and Security, Women, Peace and Security, Children and Armed Conflict and LGBTI rights.