Following the success of last year’s first United Nations Innovation Toolkit online event, the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) is proud to host a second edition  titled “UNSSC live with UNWTO on the UN Innovation Toolkit – Partnerships to Achieve the SDGs”.

The event  takes place on 25 February 2021 14:00-15:00 CET and is hosted in collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Google, the Vice Minister of Tourism- Colombia, and Refundit. In the form of a moderated panel discussion, this multi-stakeholder event will explore the use and contextualization of the UN Innovation Toolkit, with a special focus on one of the critical pillars of innovation: Partnerships.

UNWTO will outline how partnerships, cooperation, and the related exchange of knowledge, expertise and available resources, are an increasingly essential element for addressing the prevailing challenges they are encountering.

Private sector and public sector partners will share their perspectives, and delve into the prominence of public private partnerships by showcasing powerful success stories from their respective organizations.

Participants can expect to gain practical insights on:

  • - The relevance of the UN Innovation Toolkit’s Partnerships Module for partnership building.
  • - The UN Innovation Toolkit’s relevance to UNWTO’s organizational mandate.
  • - Various stakeholder’s expertise and experience on partnership identification and development.

The 60 min event includes an information session followed by a panel discussion, and a live Q&A.

Global challenges involve a complex ecosystem of actors and sometimes overlapping interests. For innovation to succeed, it is essential that organisations collaborate and cooperate with each other to achieve success.

But how can we engage potential partners? How do we identify synergies? More importantly how can organizations partner and innovate to create meaningful impact?

Join an extraordinary multi-stakeholder panel for what promises to be an engaging discussion on the importance of partnerships as means to spark innovation and achieve SDG’s.

The UN Innovation Toolkit is designed to support everyone, everywhere on the disruptive path of innovation, a path that  cannot be travelled alone, and -  as Google, the Vice Minister of Tourism of Colombia and Refundit will show us – this requires cooperation and collaboration. 

Everyone, everywhere will be able to join this virtual event.

Do not be left behind, secure your place here today!

"We must recognize that the United Nations is not the only actor, and in many cases not even the most important actor… The UN system is most impactful when enabling others. This means building meaningful partnerships with the widest array of Governments, regional organizations, international financial institutions, civil society organizations, academia and the private sector, always being truthful to our mission as the guardian of the international …."

Secretary-General António Guterres