The High-level Independent Panel on UN Peace Operations (HIPPO) noted that significant improvements were required to the implementation of multidisciplinary planning exercises in the United Nations. It noted in particular that although a reasonable UN policy and process for integrated planning existed, it was often not well implemented. HIPPO also recommended increased investment in training, including through leadership training and a deepened global training partnership.

In 2017 UNSSC peace and security team in partnership with the EOSG designed and piloted a modular curriculum with focus on enhancing the leadership and strategic skills required to lead, support and make a case for complex integrated planning processes. Interviews with former SRSG’s and DSRSG’s reflecting personal experiences with system-wide planning enriched the curriculum. More information on the project can be found at

At the end of February 2018 the first roll-out will take place in Dakar. In light of on-going efforts to recalibrate the UN’s response in the Sahel, the workshop will focus on the skills, tools and strategies to lead and facilitate UN multi-stakeholder planning exercises (rather than on planning technical skills, policy frameworks, or analysis).   The workshop will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the work undertaken for the Sahel Strategy Support Plan and to apply concepts and tools live to various elements of the Plan, as required. This Leadership for UN Integrated Planning in the Sahel – Training will bring together Regional Teams, UNOWAS, Resident Coordinators and Agency heads/deputies from the region, and UN mission staff. The workshop is for staff in leadership/management positions, targeted at the director level.