The world is changing fast, and with it the demands on the United Nations. The 2030 Agenda calls upon all stakeholders – the UN included – to transform the way they work. The Secretary-General’s reforms require all three pillars of the UN to change the way they do business.

Looking at the future, the UN will need continually to adapt its posture and approach to remain relevant in the increasingly volatile environments where it operates. But is the UN system ready for change?

As a partnership between the College and UNDP’s Management Consulting Team (MCT), the UN Lab for Organizational Change and Knowledge (UNLOCK) was created to build the needed change management capacity and support the various transformation initiatives the UN is engaged in.

One of the programmes UNLOCK developed – Effective Change Leadership – was created to support leaders, managers and supervisors in effectively implementing organizational change, while strengthening their own resilience and team leadership skills.

This programme is the perfect learning companion for change leaders and managers in the UN and in partner agencies, who want to reflect on their role in organisational change processes. It offers an overview of conceptual frameworks on managing change processes and transitions, as well as on increasing staff resilience. And finally, the two-day programme provides an opportunity to explore steps around how to build an enabling environment for change management.

The first three editions of the Effective Change Leadership Programme will be delivered in New York on 21-22 February, 6-7 March and 8-9 March and will be attended mainly by colleagues from UN Secretariat offices and with some colleagues joining also from field locations.