In a context of global transformation, guided by the introduction of the new Sustainable Development Agenda and other UN reform initiatives, the importance of the role managers play in guiding and accompanying their respective teams of United Nations officials across the UN system is further stressed.

Indeed, the ability of the organization to succeed in delivering the results the world expects from it requires renewed and concerted efforts by all managers, whether operating in challenging field environments or at global and regional headquarters.

This executive education management programme draws from UNSSC’s unique know-how and experience in addressing United Nations’ complex realities to equip UN managers with updated knowledge and toolkits to deliver results by building and leading strong teams.



Upon successful completion of this course, participants will:

  • Create high-performing teams, by motivating, supporting career development and improving coaching and mentoring skills for staff and team members, as well as effectively selecting tasks to delegate.
  • Monitor and evaluate staff performance and address under-performance in a constructive manner.
  • Translate overall visions into realistic goals, by mitigating eventual risks, improving strategic planning, implementing result-based management systems and managing adequately resources and funds.
  • Communicate effectively visions to staff, plan communication strategies, and listen actively to the staff’s feedback.
  • Enhance negotiation skills with partners, practice diplomatic skills when engaging with government and build as well as maintain long-term relationships with key stakeholders, especially by making decisions which meet their needs, without compromising ones objectives.

Course Methodology

Course Methodology: 

This innovative executive education programme comprises three interrelated and complementary elements: An online distance learning component (16 weeks), a five-days long intense residential period and personalised coaching to guide individual learning transfer plans.

The online distance learning component of the programme is composed of eight different modules delivered over a period of sixteen weeks. The programme invites participants to focus and deep dive into common challenges and best practice around different management areas. In collaboration with peers around the world, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on insight from UN senior leaders and engage in both real-time and asynchronous discussions with academic experts and practitioners.

The one-week intensive residential component enables participants to address, individually and in teams, unique scenarios depicting UN context realities by applying the theories they have learned during the online distance learning component of the programme.

The discussion case study method, pioneered and made popular by Harvard Business School, is at the core of the residential component of this executive education programme. This method confronts UN managers with real and common difficult decisions, to which they shall devise solutions applying best practice within a UN regulatory framework context.

Furthermore, the UNSSC provides participants in this executive education programme with access to certified executive coaches, with experience in the UN system, to analyse feedback gathered through a 360 assessment tool and devise a personal improvement plan.

Course Contents

Course Contents: 

Online distance modules
(13 February – May 2017)

  • Module 1: Defining good management in a UN context
  • Module 2: People Management
  • Module 3: Performance Management
  • Module 4: Innovation
  • Module 5: Strategic Planning
  • Module 6: Executive Decision-making
  • Module 7: Communication
  • Module 8: Partnership-building


360 assessment and individual coaching session
(May - June 2017)

  • An experienced executive coach will contact participants to conduct, online, one coaching session during this period.


Residential period at the UN Campus in Turin
(3 – 7 July 2017)

  • A five-days long intensive residential workshop at the UN Campus in Turin, designed around case-based learning with academic and UN subject matter experts.

Target Audience

Target Audience: 

UN officials with management and leadership functions at headquarters and in the field. Indicatively, participants are expected to serve at a P5+ level.

Enrolments of participants serving at a P4 or equivalent level can be accepted subject to assessment of comparable management responsibilities.

Cost of participation

Cost of participation: 

The programme fee of 4,900 USD includes:

  • Tuition and materials for eight on-line distance learning modules.
  • 360° assessment and one executive coaching session, delivered online.
  • Tuition and materials for the five-days intense residential period at the UN Campus in Turin (Italy).

The fee does not include travel, board and lodging, and other incidental expenses of participants while participating at the residential component of the course at the UN Campus.

The UN System Staff College will award Certificates of Accomplishment to all participants who meet completion requirements throughout all components of the programme.

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