The programme is the seamless learning companion for change leaders in the UN who want to reflect on their role in organizational change processes and execute the required changes. It offers an overview of conceptual frameworks and introduces a process to manage change and transitions. It provides an opportunity to examine the impact of your leadership on your team’s effectiveness in times of change. 



Participants will become aware of their own style and attitude towards change and how this impacts their role as a change leader. They will understand the different factors and perspectives to consider in a change process and apply tools to identify and manage key stakeholders for their own change process. Participants will develop a road map for their own change project and benefit from the inspiration of peers and experienced change professionals programme is accompanied by senior UN change management advisors.

Course Methodology

Course Methodology: 

Two-day face-to-face workshop, followed by optional coaching.

Course Contents

Course Contents: 

Topics addressed during the programme include:

  • Phases of Change Innovation and change in experimentation Role and mindset of managers facing change
  • Diagnosing change Individual change strategies at work
  • Managing emotions Increasing resilience.


Target Audience

Target Audience: 

Supervisors and managers leading teams affected by change initiatives.

Cost of participation

Cost of participation: 

The tuition fee is USD 1,500 per participant. The fee does not include optional follow-up coaching, travel, accommodation, meals and other incidentals.

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