The Executive Change Leadership Programme is aimed at senior staff at the Director and ASG level, leading large complex change that impacts large numbers of staff, requires inter-agency and wider societal collaboration, and is of high magnitude, including shifting mindsets and behaviours, changing structures and procedures, requiring radically new capabilities. 



By the end of the experience participants will have deepened awareness of who they are in change, and how they are being triggered, stirred or enthused; They will have started to deepen their skill in the essential inner capacities needed to lead change well.


Participants will know how to implement change in a way that builds the capacity of their whole system to handle ongoing dynamic change. They will certainly leave the programme inspired, more self-aware and ready to apply their learning to their own change leadership work. 

Course Methodology

Course Methodology: 

The 3-day programme will be based around the pioneering change leadership research and practical models of Still Moving change consultancy, our external partner for the programme. 

Course Contents

Course Contents: 

Participants will learn about how to lead change in situations of high uncertainty and contextual volatility – where the leader might not have the answers, and a ‘command and control’ programmatic change approach will no longer cut it. They will explore through experience, theory and casework what 'Still Moving change leadership' means, including

  • What external practices are required to lead change well
  • How to balance disruption and stability
  • What it takes to lead change more emergently
  • How to start cultivating the inner capacities that help to be a great change leader. 

Target Audience

Target Audience: 

Senior staff at the Director and ASG level

Cost of participation

Cost of participation: 

USD 4,000

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