Change management is a key enabler for the successful design and implementation of UN reform. Change managers and coordinators catalyze a shift in culture and organizational transformation that are needed to implement reform. Whereas programmatic results, organizational priorities and the 2030 Agenda more broadly set out where the world and the UN need to go, change strategies provide the plan for how to deliver on these priorities. 

Participants will define what UN reform or change means for their team or work context, and will develop a strategy for how to lead change and transformation. In addition, they will learn concrete processes for each step of the UNLOCK change model to successfully facilitate strategy development back in their office.

The course benefits from the input of UN change practitioners who are part of the UNLOCK network and who have successfully led complex change processes in UN systems organizations.



Upon successful completion of this programme, participants will

  • be able to identify steps and tools necessary to develop their own change strategy
  • develop an outline of a strategy
  • know which combination of change leadership practices are effective
  • understand how to engage staff in the co-creation of change and how to support staff to manage transitions and work with resistance
  • know how to build their own resilience
  • have references points to other change initiatives in the UN context

Course Methodology

Course Methodology: 

This five-day workshop combines a solid conceptual foundation on systemic change management with strategy development geared to participants’ specific work scenarios. 

Course Contents

Course Contents: 

In five days, participants will explore different approaches to change and the systemic domino effect of multiple changes. They will reflect on their role as managers and the impact of their own change leadership practices on the dynamics of their changes. They will develop their own change strategy using the steps of the UNLOCK change management model, outlining their case for change, their engagement and communication process, the stakeholder management, the change vision and a change impact analysis. Participants will better understand where resistance to change comes from and how to address it and develop practices to strengthen their resilience and that of their teams.

This programme is delivered by our experienced change management specialists, together with senior UN change managers and advisers, and provides an opportunity to learn from good practice in the UN and to develop strategies for the real situations participants face.

Target Audience

Target Audience: 

This programme is useful for line and change managers, change agents and programme and operations staff who are designing or facilitating a complex change in their field of expertise within the UN and with partners, as this programme complements project management. It is helpful for staff setting up offices, and those leading or coordinating both organizational changes as well as implementing these changes with their teams. Participants responsible for an ongoing change process, and who want to reflect on their strategy, will benefit most.

Cost of participation

Cost of participation: 

The course fee is $3,000 per participant. The fee includes all material and refreshments but no travel, accommodation or meals.

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