Suzanne Dee Pedersen

Suzanne Dee Pedersen is the Chief of the Talent Management Branch (HR/TALENT) in the ILO. Throughout her career she has been an advocate for ambitious organizational change and driven organizational development, process optimization and service innovation for impact and results.

Ms Dee Pedersen holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration and Languages, a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, majoring in Human Resources Management and a PhD in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources Management. Prior to joining the ILO, Ms Pedersen worked for several years at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) as a professor teaching strategic HRD, leadership, organizational development and innovation.

In addition to her duties at CBS, she worked as an innovation specialist and senior consultant in the public and private sector as well as in creative industries and arts. Ms Pedersen carried out a range of responsibilities including project and programme management, design and execution of leadership educational programmes, business start-ups, organizational strategizing, coaching and leadership training. She embraces diversity as a basic condition for personal and organizational growth.