Saul Cambridge

Saul is a very experienced British trainer, coach and facilitator. He has a Masters in Law from Cambridge University leading to 10 years frontline experience as an international banking and corporate lawyer based in the UK. From there, Saul has built over 20 years experience in training, facilitation and management consultancy. This is complemented by several years’ experience in professional theatre and live broadcasting for BBC local radio.

Saul’s expertise spans many aspects of high performance leadership, communication and influencing. He has a special interest and expertise in non-verbal communication skills and the power of storytelling for leaders and influencers. Likewise, the power of both emotional and cultural awareness and intelligence.

He has a proven pedigree in the design, development and delivery of high-performance programmes for a full spectrum of clients, mostly in the UK and Europe. Many projects have been co-produced and delivered with carefully selected collaborators.

Most of Saul’s work has been delivered for middle to senior management and their teams, including C-suite executives. These bespoke deliveries will be for small groups or 1:1 executive coaching, right through to larger groups and teams and set-piece very large audiences.