Raymond Slaughter

Raymond has 25 years of experience with global organizations across the public, private and civil society sectors. He advises and coaches organizations on developing and implementing holistic strategies to increase positive impact on society, ecology and economy.

Passionate about sustainability, innovation and collaboration, Raymond loves discovering effective and efficient solutions to constantly improve organizations, maximize value and scale up positive impact for a better world. He is a visionary and engaging leader and has built and led organizations and multi-stakeholder collaborations worldwide as well as advised leaders and organizations on creating powerful strategies and continuously enhancing programs and operations. He has successfully directed projects in various fields such as energy, mobility, logistics, information and communication technology, manufacturing, healthcare and investment.

In addition to founding and directing his own consultancy, Raymond has held management positions in a global trade organization, a leading investment firm and an entertainment company. His social engagement activities include helping to culturally and economically integrate refugees, supporting the elderly and disabled and upgrading housing for the poor.

Raymond is a global citizen, having lived in 8 countries and traveled to over 60 for both work and leisure as well as having studied business management in the USA and global public policy in Germany.