Pamela Caravas

Pamela is an innovator in the field of coaching and intellectual performance enhancement. She holds a Master’s degree in Teaching from Aston University (2002), has studied coaching since 2007 and has been a pioneer in including positive psychology and neuroscience in her coach training programmes since 2013.

Since 2017 her research interests have included working with federal investigators on interviewing and interrogation techniques, work on emotional facial behaviour including  microexpressions ,  basic and complex emotions, telling lies in normal environments and in specific environments or when under pressure, linguistics, inductive and deductive reasoning (also known as mathematics in life), critical reasoning and verbal reasoning.

Her research project on detecting lies was presented at the 11th  Institute of Coaching (IoC) / Harvard Medical School Conference in Boston in September 2018.

Pamela has developed a number of training programmes for adults in stressful environments with their starting point being the development of our Brain Attic as defined by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his Sherlock Holmes way of thinking and processing observations; that is, developing a deeper level of consciousness and accountability. Her programmes focus on conscious negotiations, communication, team work and corporate profiling. She also coaches speakers for TEDx talks.

As founder of Coaching Evolution Int’l, she has delivered training in Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Istanbul, New York, London, Paris, Ireland and the Netherlands.

A citizen of Australia and Greece, Pamela has lived in Australia, Greece, the UK, Lebanon and the Netherlands.