Jean Ogilvie

Jean Ogilvie is an Associate of the Telfer School of Management, Ottawa University contributing to open programs, as well as custom designed programs for Canadian government departments in leadership development.  She founded her company over 30 years ago specializing in leadership development, organization and team development and executive coaching.  Her main client base is the Canadian Federal Public Service.  As well, Jean worked with Queens University Business School as a team coach for the past 4 years in all MBA programs.  She is experienced internationally,  having provided organization development services for Canadian NGOs in India (Aga Khan Foundation Canada) and Kenya (CARE Canada) as well as for the network of Canadian Immigration offices across India, Hong Kong and the Philippines.  Jean has facilitated the Deep Dive leadership program for the UNSSC.  She holds a Masters degree from McGill University in Communications, and has completed the course work for doctoral studies in Adult Development at the University of Toronto.  Her current focus is leadership development in the public sector, using an integral, whole person and gender-aware approach.