Jean-Christophe Peret

Jean-Christophe works as a professional and personal development coach to unleash the potential of his clients.

He truly believe that acknowledging change, feeling vulnerable and being out of the comfort zone is the starting point for personal growth both at an individual or team level. This is where the coaching starts with Jean-Christophe.

As a coach, he helps his clients, both individuals and teams, to embrace change, see opportunities and tap into their natural resourcefulness and creativity, so they navigate change more effectively and deliver on objectives they did not think were possible.

When he works with teams he brings his experience as a relationship systems coach and use systemic methodology and tools to help teams aware of themselves as systems and leverage their intelligence, creativity and resourcefulness.

Additionally, he brings 22 years of corporate experience as a former business leader who has lived and worked in many countries in Austral-Asia, the Middle-East and Europe.

As a coach, Jean-Christophe brings:

  • Deep state of presence and connection
  • Curiosity and powerful questions
  • Innovative perspectives
  • Energy and humour