Fred Miller

Dr. Fred Miller is principal partner of the One Partners Inc, a consulting firm focussing on managerial effectiveness through collaboration. He was a director in Deloitte’s Consulting LLP’s Strategic Leadership Integrated Market Offering and the Deloitte Center for Collective Leadership, and has been the primary architect of the As One Service offering. Prior to that he was director in the Human Capital Practice. In nineteen years as a consultant, Dr. Miller has focused on strategy deployment, large-scale transformation, global organizational effectiveness, and post-merger integration. He has helped several clients through long-term impactful shifts in organization structure and in technology-driven change. Dr. Miller has an academic background in social cognition (understanding of social events) and organization change. Fred has lectured at Columbia Business School, NYU (Stern) Business School and taught at New York University.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from City College of New York, and a doctorate in social relations from Harvard University