Elizabeth Soltis

Elizabeth Soltis is the founder and director of Bridges Global, a social enterprise that supports leaders and teams to do and be their best. She waters the seeds of collaborative leadership within all.

As an organizational development consultant and learning specialist, Elizabeth is passionate about the art of healthy relationship-building, with self, others and Earth. She sees authentic connection and collaborative bridging as the means to any worthwhile end. Her purpose is fostering inner empowerment and outer service to cultivate sustainable development, social justice and vibrant communities. For over twenty years, Elizabeth has contributed to all sectors as a change leader and possibility thinker. She loves developing leadership, partnership, conflict mastery and relationship intelligence skills.

Self-described as a global citizen, Elizabeth has had the privilege of working in, volunteering or traveling to over 80 countries. While serving in Africa, Elizabeth coached multi-stakeholder teams to enhance capacity and deepen impact on issues related to climate change, poverty reduction and gender equality. For the past thirteen years, Elizabeth has facilitated diverse United Nations teams around the world to strengthen their processes of learning, change and effectiveness. As a space-holder, she weaves together the magical threads of inspired, meaningful dialogue. It’s a delight for her to support people as they co-create vision, expand perspective, gain clarity, discover insights and make impactful decisions. In particular, she enjoys working with teams on complex, strategic issues, shifting from breakdowns to breakthroughs.

Elizabeth’s background is complemented by a Master of Arts degree, diplomas in Human Resource Management and Adult Education and certificates in Life Skills and Empowerment Coaching. Visit www.bridgesglobal.net for more details.