Dr Frederik G. Pferdt

His passion is to develop the capacity to innovate in everybody and believes creativity exists in all of us. He leads a talented team which helps Googlers solve anything creatively by building a thriving innovation culture and trains people on how to build a better future through technology, fast.

Frederik is co-founder of “The Garage”, Google’s hacker/designer/maker space and created the CSI:Lab (Creative Skills for Innovation), which develops innovators and generates hundreds of new-to-the-world ideas with teams from YouTube to Chrome, the HR team to [x]. As a Lecturer at Stanford University, he feels lucky to empower students through user-centered, prototype-driven design so that they can do cool things that matter in the world. He was nominated as a visiting scholar at the Center for Design Research, Stanford University and research scholar at EdLab, Columbia University where he researched the convergence of design, technology and education.

His creative views on innovation culture, leadership and future technology have earned him invitations to transform an array of Fortune Global 500 organizations and were featured in brand eins, Der Spiegel, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Google Asia Blog, Google Blog, Financial Review, FvF, FastCompany, The Telegraph, Time Magazine, Spiegel Buch, Handelsblatt, Oggi, El Mercurio, BBC Radio and on NDR.

He currently lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and draws inspiration from the playfulness and explorer mindsets of his three children.