David Galipeau

Canadian, 35 years veteran of a hybrid business commercial/ development career within the finance, publishing, and digital technology in Canada, Europe and Asia both as a corporate senior manager, dotcom entrepreneur and social business innovator.

After two successful ‘DotCom’ start-up exits, David joined the United Nations in 2005 managing the global innovation, knowledge and digital portfolios for UNAIDS and UNCTAD in Geneva.

In 2010, David was invited to join UNDP at the Asia-Pacific Regional Centre in Bangkok and founded the knowledge management, innovation, entrepreneurship initiatives. In 2015, he founded the UNDP SDG Impact Finance (UNSIF), which brings together venture philanthropists, family trusts, foundations, governments and private sector creating a 'blended financing' investment platform. Most recently, David was focusing on Frontier Technologies for SDG achievement.

In July, 2019, David has left the UN and founded SDGx Group LLC in Singapore - a research, venture building and investment management firm focusing on social innovation investments into next-generation technologies.

His interests continue to focus on the positive impact of social innovation – specifically next-gen technology such as IoT, Blockchain, Crypto, Neuroscience, Quantum/Cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence and its variations, Robotics/Bionics and the crossroads of virtual reality and augmented humans.