Darian Stibbe

Driven by a passionate belief in the power of collaboration to achieve prosperous, inclusive and sustainable business and society, Darian has for the last 16 years worked extensively with companies, the United Nations, NGOs, and governments with one aim: to drive the use of robust, effective partnerships for sustainable development worldwide. His pioneering work takes a multiple level approach: building individual capacity for partnering (including developing TPI’s flagship training course – the Certificate in Partnering Practice); the development of organisations’ institutional capability for partnering (through the Fit for Partnering action research programme); building standards in the brokering, support and evaluation of partnerships; and a systemic approach to drive innovative collaboration across the sectors through in-country ‘Business and Development Hubs’ being piloted in Colombia, Zambia and Mozambique.

Darian has a somewhat unusual career path: following a physics degree at Oxford and a Ph.D. at London and Harvard, he became a quantum physicist, first as a NASA scientist and then as a Marie-Curie Fellow at the University of Paris, before segueing into sustainable development and cross-sector partnerships.