The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for the United Nations to transform the way it works. This transformation requires a significant shift in mind set, practices and structures of the UN and its staff. The UN family, as a whole, must ensure that its leaders, managers and staff are equipped with the right mix of skills and capacities to think, innovate and deliver as one.

As a direct response to this call, the Staff College established, in 2015, the UN Lab for Organizational Change and Knowledge (UNLOCK) - a programme entirely devoted to organizational change and transformation. By placing innovation, collaboration, leadership and staff engagement at its core, UNLOCK aims to shift how the UN system learns, thinks and works.

What We Offer

Under the auspices of UNLOCK, the College offers a mutually reinforcing set of interventions designed to connect the entire UN family in advancing organizational change at all levels: advisory services and learning activities.

Our advisory services provide our learning activities with a continuously updated set of real-life case studies on organizational change and innovation; at the same time, our learning activities address the capacity gaps observed when advising UN entities. To maximise reach across the UN family, UNLOCK’s repository of UN specific case studies on change processes and other best practices within the system will be accessible as a system-wide resource.

All our interventions benefit from our unique understanding of the UN system and its shared values, as well as our ability to draw on insights and data from a broad network of collaborators. We partner with external experts to ensure continuous injections of new ideas and perspectives. Our offerings are tailored to meet client needs – and delivered on a cost recovery basis.

Learning Activities

UNLOCK’s learning portfolio builds the capability of leaders, managers and staff to manage and implement change. To this end, a suite of learning interventions is offered in the areas of leadership and management development, innovation, organizational change and change management.

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Advisory Services

The Staff College partners with UNDP’s Management Consulting Team to provide integrated change management services to support UN entities in adapting to new challenges.

Building on the Staff College’s 15 years of training and learning experience and the UNDP Management Consulting Team’s 10+ years of consulting experience, comprising over 500 client engagements, UNLOCK provides integrated advisory services to support UN entities in adapting to new challenges. A network of change management practitioners from across the UN system, as well as a series of external partnerships, further enhances this capacity.

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